Tonality of communication is a unifier


Tonality of communication is a unifier

Nothing works better than consistency in personality and tone. Ask yourself what is the personality of your brand. Is your brand fact-driven, serious, fun, caring, in the face, rebellious or intelligent? How sophisticated is it? Does it give one confidence? Do I perceive reliability? Am I a groupie brand – lots of people and so on….

It is crucial to know your brand’s personality. If your brand does not have one, create and build on it. Ensure that it resonates with your prospects and customers. A good branding team knows that a well-defined brand personality helps in creating and directing marketing and communications efforts. Having the personality is one thing communicating consistently across the products, logo, tag lines, packaging, communication will help your efforts be on the ball, on strategy so to say.

Companies and organizations make the mistake of having different tones and personalities across different items of communication. Tag lines are in the face, the brochures are serious. The in shop display is factual, the website is long winding and full of irrelevant descriptions.

Come to us. It will be one personality and tone right through. We know how to accomplish that.