• Brand creation and   development

• Digital presence

• Research

• Chosen way

Brand creation and development

A smart brand knows how to differentiate itself. It is sharply defined, clear and speaks with honesty to the stakeholder/buyer. It is also simple in its portrayal and succeeds in creating an association relevant to the customer’s need fulfillment.

We analyze your company and brand. Understand the commonality and weave everything together into a seamless experience called brand.

Strategic board| Architecture| Voice| Identity creation| Messaging strategy| Advertising| Integration | Public opinion framework creation| Research support| Brand directed design| Retail environments| One to one displays

This discipline we deploy for branding of products and services, corporates and internal branding. This has also worked equally well for NGOs and not for profit organizations.

In fact, any entity that has needed a cohesive articulation of what they stand for and how they could be relevant to the stakeholder/buyer have found in VMS a partner of choice.

Digital presence

Digital is an amalgam of two key aspects: 1. Digital has a life of its own. 2. It is at the same time an extension of the brand- a key component in the architecture.

We understand both these aspects across various companies, products and services. We create the relevant digital journey with the appropriate information architecture.

In this space, our primary task is to build the ability to engage for the brand. We do this through a variety of patented ways and practices.

Multi-screen ownership and the advent of the millennial pose a different kind of challenge and pressure on our teams. We handle it with unbridled resolve and imagination. Not to miss out the integral role of intuition and a native sense in understanding web behavior.

Digital strategy| Content approach| Social media pathway creation| Information architecture| Website and visual design| Flash and animations| Asset management | Email marketing | Focused Facebook initiatives | Integration across digital channels


Businesses and entities are constantly looking at ways of reducing the opaqueness while understanding markets, consumers and the triggers for engagement. We do customized research largely to help mine actionable customer insights and fathom the patterns. With a strong eco system of qualitative researchers and fieldwork teams, our research discipline has taken us into real estate, education and food.

Dipsticks, advertising comprehension, customer latencies, mystery shoppers and more have been some of our areas.

Chosen way

We never take things for granted. We do our homework. We put in all we can to stay prepared. Brand readiness in thought and action is what we strive in our DNA. We always try to deliver to customer expectations with an enviable sense of timeliness and integrity. Passion for the brand and a measured optimism to make it succeed is the priceless ingredient in our character.