Group branding means fathoming the persona and orchestrating


Group branding means fathoming the persona and orchestrating integration across the various entities within a corporate Group

Group branding – this brings to our minds a group of Geese in flight. Have you seen a group of them? They look perfect like a team, yet each knows its role. They have their unique identities but are ready to merge with the larger Group persona when needed. Well that is how Group branding can get effective, cohesive. Oneness in diversity. Sameness across the entities. Alignment to the larger challenges and the new horizons the leadership of the Group would want to focus on.

We begin Group branding with Work Group Sessions. These work groups are drawn from top and middle level leadership. Sometimes we constitute a group by drawing people from those teams, which are spearheading the image leadership of the company – product development teams, communication teams or for that matter HR teams. It is a function of the businesses the Group is into and the larger orientation. At the end of the session we do a Reconciliation and Collation exercise. We put together all that we have heard, seen and observed. We complement this with our learnings and our intuitive understanding of what the Group ought to be. First the whole than the parts. Within each part/ group company we arrive at individual messaging and what the entity contributes in terms of message, communication equity and residual perceptions amongst stakeholders. First arriving at the contours of the needed image for the Group, then each group company with its complete social anatomy and physiology. What the sub entity stands for to the outside world, to the inside audience and for the Group. Linkages, interdependencies between Group and various entities also play a significant role in the larger Group branding journey.

Like a good conductor of an orchestra we are able to strike commonalities yet preserve individual personalities of the group companies. For that, the VMS insight is an understanding of the larger persona of the Group and presenting it in a contextually relevant manner.

Group branding demands patience, insights and a point of view. You could experience all of this with us.