Do NGOs need branding?


Do NGOs need branding?

NGO branding is an emerging paradigm. Across the world there is a palpable trend to make branding a matter of attention for the non-profit executive team. Branding in a fast changing world can actually help the organization build operational capacity; drum up support while maintaining a focus on the social mission. Brand managers in NGOS know that branding is more than just a logo or a symbol. It is a psychological construct, which requires nurturing, managing and continuity across elements and time. Brands and branding are similar, or at least the responses one gets nowadays from NGO teams on the understanding of branding is no different from other sectors. Strong brands and cohesive communication with a well-engineered persona can help NGOs acquire financial, human and social resources. Partnerships are largely a function of brand perceptions.

“Brand becomes critical when you’re seeking to create partnerships, when you’re seeking other funders, and when you’re looking to associate yourself with people in the field,” explains Diane Fusilli, a global brand consultant and former communications director at the Rockefeller Foundation. “A strong brand helps bring greater credibility and trust to a project quicker, and acts as a catalyst for people to want to come to the table.”

Brand and banding in NGOs or social organizations is all about embodying the organizations identity, encapsulating its mission, values and distinctive activities. Externally it is about reflecting to multiple stakeholders- donors, supporters and more the image and relevance. Branding has within its coils the innate ability to influence, assist and reach. It is a virtual bridge between the program strategy and the external communications.

Examine us. NGOs, research organizations and advisory bodies can gain from the branding journey.