Continuity holds the key


Continuity holds the key

Imagine some of these situations:

“We never know where the consumer is going to be at any point in time, so we have to find a way to be everywhere” “Ubiquity is the new exclusivity” – Linda Kaplan Thaler

So are you a company with multiple advertising windows?

You could also be a company with multiple products where the design requires a common brand identity across all of them?

You are talking to target audiences who are tech savvy and have the options of seeing your communication/messaging on multiple screens – smartphone, tab, pc, laptop, TV, cinema and more

If you are a services company then there could be many touch points where continuity holds the key.

Our approach to continuity is to:

Map the various touch points that a consumer/user or a prospect interacts with

Arrive at a set of elements. A kind of repository of continuity. These could be a logo, a color palette, a slogan, a visual element/s, tone of communication, persona and more

The more difficult part – is to get it going and actually train the teams to make continuity a brand element.

Many mediums, many windows, many presentations – continuity is the way we work. Oneness means brandness.