Beyond the city


Beyond the city

Branding products in the agro space, which appeal to geographies beyond the urban horizons, demands a different set of competencies.

What are these?

  • Ability to think like a non-urban consumer
  • Deep insights of the consumer’s mindset
  • Empathy with the local environment
  • Understanding of the vernacular
  • Insights into how pictures, visual metaphors are decoded in that milieu
  • Role of mnemonics
  • Awareness of the local idiom
  • Study of the forces that are determining the choices
  • A grasp of the decision making cycle

Once these are known and chewed upon the next arena of challenge is the ability to keep designs simple and build a commonality across the offerings. Here the branding teams have to be aware of the role of colors, the clutter in the marketplace and more importantly knowledge of the color dictionary in the consumers’ mind. Which color is perceived as what? Marketing and branding beyond the cities is not everyone’s cup of tea. It needs a different training, approach and sensitivity. That is where we come in…