About Us


About Us

There is something fascinating about Iliad. Characters that flowed from the pen of Homer and the legends they grew into perhaps speak about a classic case of branding? Each with their unique personas, what they stood for, the associated symbols and of course the memorability of the plots and the larger mythology. But what has that go to do with Vishnu Mohan’s Sutras?

We picked a part from it – that of the moral and the way the great Achilles created and ran his band of warriors.

Compact, well trained and pointed in their chase and actions. No Achilles do we have, but we do believe that compact teams, when endowed with skills and competencies can deliver beyond expectations. They fill the logic of small is beautiful with a new meaning. At VMS, we call it small is smart. Few clients, more readiness for the deep dive, constant guardianship of the brand makes VMS a branding entity that can deliver both in the short and long term.

Vishnu Mohan’s Sutras is the main branding firm. It has a digital arm in DigiAllies and the value for money design studio called ThinkStudio in its stable.

Raj Mohan Tella heads VMS. Supported by a band of 14. With many years of advertising experience across several categories of products and services, raj and his team have been bringing the concept of more and deeper work on fewer businesses or projects into play over the last 7 years.


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